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 "Intuitive and Attentive Birth Support" 

Aloha mai kākou, my name is Mālia Kaupe and I am happy you dropped by! I am passionate about birth, babies, motherhood and creating a space that is safe, relaxed, and all yours. Whether you are looking to materialize your birth vision or have no idea where to start, I can help. With quality information, resources, professional services and community ties, I will support your pregnancy and postpartum/motherhood journey with as much enthusiasm as I will your birthing time. Blending my own experience as a mother and forever student of the universe with my formal education through DONA International (Doula), Birth Arts International (Midwife's Assistant/Monitrice), Herbal Academy, Lactation Education Resources, my Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor certification and more, I would be honored to serve you during this special time. No matter the course of your birth, I will be there for you, physically and emotionally, with intuition and intention.

It is natural, raw, intense, spiritual, moving, and oh so amazing,

and so are you!

I will be your sister, your friend, your partner, your motivator, your educator, your protector, your center. I will be any or all that you need me to be.

   I support you! Your body, your baby, your birth...   

When I met Malia she was such a calm spirit so I knew right away she was right for us. She was non judgemental about any of our wants/needs and she was a positive light to us. During labor she would silently float in and out of our presence and I always felt safe when she was watching over us. I really cant think of one single thing I would have changed about Malia's care! Overall Malia is/was honest, patient, and she went above and beyond for us!



One thing I regret... is not finding Malia sooner!

Michelle Range

Waikapu, Maui

It was really nice, really loving, because sometimes when Sydney (laboring mother) just wanted to break down and cry, Malia would just hold on to her and hug her, which was really helpful. 

Sari Kawauchi

Waiehu, Maui

What a gift it was to have Malia with us for the home birth of Juno Kukolu. She is an intuitive observer, which is more than anyone can ask for in the varying process of new life. Due to her ability to listen and observe before acting, she seemed to always know exactly what was needed. She almost disappeared into the home environment if nothing was needed, only to reappear at the right time with the perfect words of encouragement, a silent touch, or simply just to sit and breathe with us. For 38 hours she became part of the intention we set for a healthy home birth, and for that, words cannot express our gratitude. And if that wasn’t enough, she managed to capture the entire process through photos and videos without our noticing. A woman of many talents, a wonderful being. 

Tim and Petra Gilmore

Wailuku, Maui

I truly believe that Malia is born to do this, born to be a doula - She is the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to connect to their own inner strength and their own inner power - She's so well rounded for everyone because her specific gift is her feeling YOU, as the mother. She has an ability to feel, what you need and what you don't. She's very perceptive and very intuitive in that way - She's just amazing and I love her!

Henna Greer


Malia graciously filled my experience with laughter, calm, relaxation, and great company. I think this is Malia's calling, she is clearly meant for this profession. She transmits knowledge clearly and without judgment, is caring and positive. 


Wailuku, Maui

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